More than 150 million Americans are Grieving- Revolutionary Model for Understanding and Recovery

Widower and nonprofit director Mark Negley walks alongside readers on a journey from loss to hope, and from hope to happiness in Survive-Alive-Thrive.

A Web M.D. survey conducted before COVID-19 found the majority of Americans experienced grief from a major loss within the last three years. Now with the pandemic, consider those grieving the loss of relationships, career, pre-pandemic life and more.

Mark Negley has walked the dark and difficult road of grief recovery.

In his book Survive-Alive-Thrive : Navigating the Journey from Loss to Hope to Happiness , Negley draws upon his thousand-plus hours spent helping others walk through their grief to redefine the loss experience and provide a revolutionary new model for understanding grief recovery.

“Together, we will explore the unique nature of different loss experiences, as well as their similarities,” writes Negley. “I have included recovery steps and strategy examples that have led to healing and happiness for those who have been or are currently going through similar challenges. Importantly, these insights are not from third-party, doctor or therapist’s patient files, but from those of us who have been through it ourselves.”

Mark shares his impossible-to-survive experiences, like raising a child with special needs, his battle with cancer and his wife’s struggle with mental health and ultimate death by suicide. The intensely personal details of how he fought his way through loss to find life and eventually, happiness. Recently remarried, Negley is the founder and director of Survive-Alive-Thrive, a nonprofit initiative inspired to provide insight, community and emotional support for those who have experienced loss.

In Survive-Alive-Thrive, Negley uses his story and the stories of several others to teach his revolutionary new model of grief recovery. Most importantly, readers will know that they are not alone in their experience or on their journey; they can navigate from loss to hope, and then from hope to happiness. They don’t have to settle for survival; they can thrive again.

You can purchase Negley’s book Survive-Alive-Thrive HERE.