Suicide Prevention Starts with Me

When it comes to suicide and mental health, there is no “one-size fits all”.

There is no magical equation.

There is no perfect way to address the subject.

I believe the pressure and the anxiety surrounding the fear of having the conversation exists; knowing how to approach someone.

What if they get angry with me?

What if I say something wrong?

What if I impose that thought into the mind of my loved one?

All of your anxiety and fear is valid.

There are situations in life that make us comfortable, but some of those situations are imperative.

We must recognize fear and our other emotions and understand the importance of overcoming them and the impact it might leave if we are silent.

If we decide not to engage, if we decide to look the other way, the impact that fear has on not extending a conversation about suicide or mental health is far too great to gamble.

For this reason, we must educate ourselves, our families and our communities on the importance of our words and how they can save lives.

Below are some extensive resources for you and your family to look over. These resources are here for you to relate to and educate those around you on.




Fear is no excuse for our silence.

Together, we can make a difference.

Sending love,

Jake’s sister, Amber.