About Jake

It’s hard to put into words who Jake is and was because he was so many things to so many people.

Jake lived in Denver, Colorado, and just at 22-years-old, he had accomplished more in life by living around the country than most people do in a lifetime.

Jake was a jack of all trades and his intelligence knew no bounds. He could light up a room. His soul presented itself before his words ever could.

He sought equality for all and wanted to make a difference in the world. Jake did not see color, he did not see race, he did not see disability, he did not see status, he only saw the soul of a person. Jake wanted to use his talents and and love for people to speak for those with no voice.

He was a huge University of Tennessee Volunteer fan; there wasn’t a stat or game that went unnoticed by him.

An extremely talented writer, Jake often journaled about his thoughts and life. We now are able to read and know his feelings; what he fought through every single day. We even take quotes he wrote and share the words of care he relentlessly told himself, with hopes of inspiring others to keep going.