Oppositional Forces

Today, your four walls may have felt like they were closing in; inch by inch, you can almost swear the house is getting smaller.

Yesterday, you may have binge watched television and not left your couch.

At lunch, you may have scrolled across social media and been anxious that you weren’t doing enough to help your community.

Last night, you may have been feeling lonely or that your life is falling apart.

COVID-19 has left a profound mark on each and every one of us. The truth of the matter is, that profound mark is actually a multitude of feelings and experiences we could only have developed in our worst nightmare.

However, there is the side to quarantine that we have an appreciation for; much deserved and needed rest, spending time with family, being able to take on that hobby you’ve always wanted to try.

Along with conflicting outlooks on the “stay home” process, comes conflicted feelings and emotions that may be new to us.

Terra Counseling and Consulting has done a beautiful job at helping understand we are not alone in these conflicting feelings.

We tend to our souls as we love others.

Amy Price, MA, LCPC

Check out their blog ‘Where Belly Laughs and Boredom Coexist’.

I hope it brings you as much peace as it did for me.

-Jake’s Sister, Amber.

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