Our Mission

We had two fears in life, one- was to have a child missing & two- was for one to pass away before us. Suicide has forever altered our family’s life. We can move forward or fall, and we refuse to fall. We invite you all to dive into Team Jake.

The discussion of suicide should be relevant in society. We want to encourage anyone with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, mental illness, etc, to reach out; reach out to loved ones, counselors, friends, etc.

Mothers and fathers, we encourage you to “seize the awkward” and have the conversation. Talk about mental health in your household and make it a priority.

We knew some of Jake’s struggles but not all of them. We will always have questions but all we can do is hold on to one another and make everyone aware of this impending epidemic.

Life for us is moment by moment, but we will endure with God and those that share similar experiences. Our souls burn with a passion to remember Jake by spreading hope and light, just as he did on Earth.

“Adieu, Adieu, Adieu. Remember Me.

A note from Roger and Tracy, Jake’s parents