I believe there are no mistakes in life.

I believe everyone we come in contact with has a story.

I believe just a simple word can turn someone’s day around.

I believe we don’t just meet people by chance.

This story takes place at a Macy’s the week of our brother’s memorial.

The most gut wrenching moment of my life was getting the call that Jake was no longer with us, the second…having to share that with my sister and parents.

After memorial arrangements, picking out a store to take your parents to purchase clothes for their son, your brother’s, memorial is seemingly unthinkable.

You don’t even care what you are wearing, and you don’t want to pick out anything because you don’t want it to be real.

Macy’s is a rather large department store. I thought it would be quiet and have a large selection to pick from so that we could sweep through and not have to endure this task for long.


Take note, my parents arrived to Nashville without anything after driving our brothers car from Denver.

They had been on an airplane to Denver to find my brother and had only pack a few days worth of clothing. Meanwhile in Tennessee, I posted about our brother missing on social media, hoping Jake just needed some time to get away and clear his mind.

The post landed just about everywhere,and people were now on the lookout.


When we were checking out at Macy’s, the woman at the counter recognized my Mother and Father from the post about Jake missing. We then had to share our shattered world with her. Her son, who lived in another state, had shared the post with her. It was astounding to us that that many people were looking for our Jake.

Meanwhile, behind us in the line at the counter was an elderly woman who was seemingly frustrated about waiting in line, while my parents were sharing the news of losing their son.

With a huff, she quickly darted over to another counter and was checked out.

Soon after leaving the store, that same woman came up to my parents with tears in her eyes. The same woman that stormed off and seemed to have little heart actually understood what they were going through.

She, too, had lost her son.

Her angry actions had actually been built up sadness because she knew what they were experiencing. She handed them money with an embrace, and that was the last time we saw her.

Everyone has a story. Her actions impacted my parents beyond words because it was the first time in those few days someone could relate.

We don’t just meet people by accident; where you are is where you are suppose to be.

If you ever feel that little tug in your heart to do or say something, however small it may be-listen. You could be that gentle hand for someone whose world is falling apart.

You have purpose, and you make a difference.