Have you ever had one of those deep belly laughs? The ones where you just hold on to it for a sparkle of a moment because in that moment the world feels right.

The need to get away, the need to escape- a lot of us gravitate toward funny movies, sports, even trying a new restaurant to alter our every day norm.

Dealing with depression and anxiety, a lot of the time- laughter and an escape seems so far away.

If you do get the invitation to a party or dinner, a lot of the time if feels like a chore to accept the invite. You may get anxious, worry or even have trouble getting motivated to get up and get ready to get out the door.

Sometimes, taking the chance-disrupting “the norm” -can bring happy into your life. Being around friends who love you, family who love to spend time with you- or maybe it’s just planning a date with yourself!

I came across an article about ‘laughter’ and how it can build relationships, guard your heart and even act as an anti-depressant. Take a read below. Very interesting.


To become who we want to be, we must climb out of our pit, little by little. Your effort no matter how big or small is taking you somewhere.

It comes in baby steps. As our brother would say, “you do you”. You do what you need to do to be happy.

For me- it’s something simple I know will get me to laugh every time. I love to look at a particular dog’s Instagram (yes, I said dog’s Instagram). This dog has two different color eyes with the cutest snaggle-tooth expression. His parents have a sense of humor and always post hilarious instances where the dog looks as if he has this hysterical look on his face. I can’t help but literally cry because I am laughing so hard.

Baby steps, little things.

Next time you get that invitation or have a night you may not be doing anything, in the name of laughter-seize the opportunity, you won’t regret it.

Love you all,

Amber Lynn Carroll

(A.K.A one of Jake’s sisters)