In the warm sunshine of Florida, I find myself running outside often. I started training for a half-marathon, and well- never put it down.

I love the freeing feeling of being able to use my own body to go to the extra mile and push myself to the limits.

We are fortunate enough to be renting a place right next to a mile-long bridge.

Sometimes I love this bridge because of the challenge it hands me running over it, and some days I dread the challenge. However once you get over it, you are on a nice flat pace of sidewalk all the way to the beach.

This particular day, I was aiming for an 8-mile run. I took off the opposite way of the bridge and decided I would use my last two miles to climb over it.

I could see the finish line, I started toward the bridge and noticed a walk way I had often seen but never taken the path. I decided I needed a change of scenery so, I decided to journey the road less traveled.

I started on this sidewalk that turned into a beautiful park right under the bridge.

Suddenly, I realized that I really needed to turn around because I wasn’t going to get that good burn that the giant bridge gave me. I decided I would find the end of the trail , then turn around. However, it came to my surprise- a beautiful elongated pier that actually had a little steepness to it. My own personal bridge.

Going around the small park under the bridge actually gave me the mileage I needed to finish my 8-miles, and I had this view that was unlike any other.

Looking at the giant bridge on my tiny pier, a lesson came to my mind.

Personally, I’m always looking at “the big bridge” of life. The “big bridge” gives me the run I think I need,the “big bridge” gives me the view I think I need, the “big bridge” is the best option for me, so I think.

However, the “big bridge” is the main path, the average path everyone uses to get to their destination.

Sometimes, God gives us a “road less traveled”, a tiny pier if you will.

Sometimes He needs us to enjoy the scenery, journey a path to build mileage on our run of life, maybe to build character, learn- He takes us through small parks, pathways perhaps that we may not have known existed.

The only thing we can be certain of is that it is a part of His grand plan.

The road may be tough, you may be ready to stop your race, you may be just ready to walk home- but we cannot give up.

Your bridge is unlike any other, and you were called to a purpose. A purpose, journey, pathway that was only designed for you.

Rest a minute, and take a good look at your view- because it was created just for you.

Life can get hard, and there are times we all feel like giving up. It’s okay to wonder why things happen, its okay to ask for direction, it’s okay to voice how you feel about where you are in life, it’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to be angry, it’s okay to not be okay.

But- We must never give up, friend. Your value is too precious. Your light is too bright, even when you may not see. If you feel like giving up, if you feel hopeless, please reach out and reach for help.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline:


Love you all- keep taking the road less traveled and it’ll take you to a destination you couldn’t even imagine- your own personal bridge. Never give up, the world needs you.

Amber Lynn Carroll

(A.k.a Jake’s sister)