My husband came down with the flu right before Christmas. He woke up around 3 A.M. on Christmas Eve in a constant shiver. I knew waking up Christmas morning, it was time to get medicine. He had developed a fever over night, and his temperature continued to rise.

Although the flu may not be a major deal to some, I was terrified knowing the recent reports; the different strains that had been floating around. We immediately acted on it and got into a local doctors office.

As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, I often wonder why we don’t treat our mental health the same.

There are days that sometimes I have to fight to be happy or not irritated for no apparent reason. Sometimes, I have thoughts that would never cross another person’s mind. There are days I wake up and I have to fight to leave my home because I’m in a constant state of worry.

As a society, if we recognize these things in ourselves and others- we should act on it immediately. Don’t waste another second. We should recognize the signs symptoms and seek out help, just as we would for any other illness.

There is a great article on that is from the perspective of someone who suffered with mental health disorders throughout her entire life, but no one saw the signs.

Hoping this helps someone in some way.

Amber Lynn Carroll

(A.K.A Jake’s sister)

(Disclosure: I do not own rights to this article or media in this blog post. We share blog posts, media, articles, etc. to point people in a gentle direction towards learning more about mental health.)