There were many times in my life where I didn’t understand the concept of self-confidence.

People would say “have confidence” in yourself, and quiet frankly, I had no idea how to do that.

I would think to myself, “what is confidence? Do you pull it from the air? I just don’t have that trait.” When you have depression, sometimes it’s hard to comprehend.

Before I realized I actually was suffering from a mental illness, it was nearly impossible to feel like I could ever have confidence.

By being aware and treating my mental health, it was a beautiful feeling to finally believe in myself and see myself how I was intentionally created.

I still struggle, but I’m constantly trying to grow.

This article is a wonderful way of explaining the difficulties between self-confidence and mental illness.


Amber Lynn Carroll

(a.k.a Jake’s sister)

(Disclosure: I do not own rights to this article or media in this blog post. We share blog posts, media, articles, etc. to point people in a gentle direction towards learning more about mental health.)